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HowTo show the File Extensions for Known File Types

Well, what are we talking about...? The File extension is the part behind the dot in any file name. Windows regularly do not show the extensions of all kind of files your system know. Only unknown file extensions are shown... Any Program you install on your system could include a new type of file and so a new file extension. The File extensions show which program can use, open, edit, wrote or save the file....

Unreal Tournament use a lot of file extensions, they contain different informations and must be stored in different folders... But if Windows show you only the file name and the UT99 Icon you don't know where to put the file, that's why you need to know the file extensions!

campers on mission file extension space holder To show the file extensions for known file types, follow these steps:

--> Double-click My Computer.

--> Click Folder Options on the View menu.

--> Click the View tab.

--> Under Files and Folders, click to unselect the "Hide file extensions for known file types" check box.

--> Click OK.

Where to store what?
*.u, *.int, *.ini Files are in the SYSTEM Folder.
*.utx Files are in the TEXTURES Folder.
*.umx Files are in the MUSIC Folder.
*.unr Files are in the MAPS Folder.
*.uax Files are in the SOUNDS Folder.