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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find a answer! If not take also a look to our UT99 Lexicon here.

Q: I made / downloaded a Voicepackage, why can't I hear my taunts if I play on a Server?

A: You can't hear or use it online cos it must be installed at the server you play as well. There are a few UT99 Server with a special Mutator (Valhalla Avatar) that allow you to use a custom Voice.

Q: I made / downloaded a Skin, why can't I use it on the Server?

A: Same as the Voicepackage!

Q: Can you put my Voicapackage and / or Skin on the =COM= Gameserver?

A: In theory yes, in practice no cos there is a high risk to kill the Server by messing around with unknown files.

Q: I see Player moving very fast, do they have a faster Computer or connection?

A: The speed of the game depends to the preset value game speed of the Server. A faster System or connection may have only effects to your graphics but not to the speed your Pawn can move. In simple words: A step is a step. If your connection is really poor you may see players stuttering, this also could happen if they have a bad Ping.

Q: I downloaded a .zip File, I only see a lot of Files, what to do?

A: Unreal Tournament "stuff" use seven different kinds of Files:
Copy *.u, *.int, *.ini Files to the SYSTEM Folder.
Copy *.utx Files to the TEXTURES Folder.
Copy *.umx Files to the MUSIC Folder.
Copy *.unr Files to the MAPS Folder.
Copy *.uax Files to the SOUNDS Folder.

Q: How can I record and play back a Game?

A. Recording: Open the Console with the ~ Key or use the Tab Key for the Quick-Consolte, type in demorec abc123.
"abc123" is any name you like to set for the File, e,g. demorec a01. In this case a File "a01.dem" will be saved at the UT System Folder. The recording ends with the end of the Map automatically or by using the Console command stopdemo.

A. Play Back: To start the play back use the Console command demoplay abc123.
Again "abc123" is the name of the File you had given. The demoplay command has also a few options, the most interesting option is the Spectator-Mode. To start a play back in Spectator-Mode type in the Console demoplay abc123?3rdperson. To stop the play back quit the game.

Q: How can I make / take a Screenshot?

A: By default use the "F9" Key to make a screenshot. UT99 call them "Shot****.bmp" (* starting with 0000) and save then in the System Folder.

... will be continued.