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Release Notes

Version: 436

Company: Epic Megagames


Version 436 clients are network compatible with all previous public releases; Version 436 servers support only 432 and above clients, so Epic encourage everyone to upgrade as soon as possible! (That means you!) Here's the list 'o fixes:

- fixed joystick button handling code (thanks Chris Carollo).
- hack fix for bad playerstart in CTF-Coret.
- fixed crash for servers with more than 255 characters worth of server packages.
- fixed problems with single player ladder than cropped up in 432.
- Server now report to clients whether or not they are password protected.
- Fixed incompatibility in ChallengeHUD that caused problem for some mods.
- In the editor, the "TextureLock" option should work 100% now.
- Fixed the editor crash that some people were getting when docking a browser and getting a crash when trying to restart the editor.
- Rewrote "UEditorEngine::polySelectMatchingBrush" because SHIFT+B was crashing at random times in the editor. Should be stable now.
- Brush clipping was merging faces on the resulting brush in the editor.
- May have fixed the random "WinMain/message pump" crash in the editor.
- Pre-432 spectators not allowed to join 436 servers (because of incompatibility).

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